Prestige Popular Pressure Cooker Review

Pressure Cooker Rating: ★★★½☆ 

TTK Prestige Unlimited is one of India’s largest makers of kitchen cookware and appliances. Their durable and economical cookware is exported to many companies and sold under the Prestige label.

One noteworthy qualification for all of their products is that TTK Prestige products meet or exceed all global standards including the UL, NESA, and IL standards and are ISO 9001 certified as well. They are the only company in India to have been certified PED/CE by Germany and their products are globally known for their quality and affordability.

prestige popular pressure cooker review

The Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker, by TTK Prestige Unlimited, represents one of the most affordable ways to add pressure cooking capabilities to your kitchen.

Their Popular line comes in quart sizes that range from a small 2 liter version up to a sizeable 16 liter size, all staying in the low-end MSRP for comparable size pressure cookers. The 4-liter Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker lists for $45.99 with a near 4 out of 5 star rating on which puts it up there among the competition for top pressure cookers.

By keeping their focus on making durable and affordable pressure cookers that are easy to manage in the kitchen, the Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker is proving to be the preferred choice for many buyers. It’s affordable and has all the features you want—not much to complain here.

The Features

The 4-liter Prestige Popular pressure cooker is a good representative of the entire Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker line. While there is a large variation in liter size available, they all include the same features.

It’s this range in size that is also considered to be a feature of this brand, offering more options based on cooking needs. Each pressure cooker is ISO 9001 certified and meets or exceeds the required national electrical standards for cookware products. The pressure cookers have a dual handle system that allows for easier handling.

Each cooker also has a gasket release system (GRS) safety design and metallic safety plug (MSP) to handle emergency pressure release if needed. The 4-liter size measures at 14 by 9 by 6 inches and weighs less than 3 pounds. What’s more, this Prestige pressure cooker is made from durable aluminum to keep it as lightweight as possible while making sure that heat is evenly distributed.

What’s To Love About The Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker?

According to reviews of this product, many people love that Prestige has incorporated the Indian tradition of using the whistle, a common feature of the pressure cookers used in India. Instead of using clocks and timers to time your recipe, you count the whistles to know where you are in the process. This bit of authenticity makes cooking with this pressure cooker even more enjoyable.

High on the list of why buyers consider this brand the best pressure cooker compared to others in the same price range comes down to the small details that Prestige put into the design. Unlike many other pressure cookers in this price range, the Prestige Popular pressure cooker has a double handle.

There is the larger pot style handle that is part of the locking system, but there is a small helper handle on the side of the pot that comes in handy when lifting and moving the pot. Both handles are smooth and ergonomically shaped so you always feel like you have a strong grip and control over the pot.

The aluminum also serves to make this a lightweight piece of cookware that is easy for most people to handle as well. While not as capable as stainless steel in spreading heat evenly, the very nature of pressure cooking makes that a negligible concern. Another point in this pressure cooker’s favor is that it has a dual safety release feature of a gasket lock and a steam plug release; the more safety options, the better when it comes to pressure cookers.

What’s Not That Great?

While most people like the whistling, some have commented that the sound can be bothersome. Many people purchase the Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker thinking that it whistles when it is done, like a tea kettle.They are unprepared for the whistling that occurs while cooking. It is a quirk of the Indian style of pressure cooking that you are meant to count the whistles to know how far along you are in cooking. If that doesn’t bother you, then this product would be a great buy for you.

The only other major downfall of this pressure cooker is the bottom design of the unit itself. It is not designed with a double or triple layer like other pressure cookers in this price range. That is not necessarily a bad thing as it doesn’t interfere with the cooking process, but it does interfere with the cooling process. You have to make sure to remove this cooker from the heat source immediately and to remove the food from the cooker to avoid burning.

Prestige Popular Pressure Cooker Review – Should You Buy It?

prestige pressure cooker reviewThe Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker earns itself a solid 4 out 5 stars no matter what size pot you are looking at in this product line. These are affordable, durable and efficient pieces of cookware that will suit any kitchen and any cooking ability.

The only drawbacks to this cooker are more concerning habit and preference than any major failing in the design. All in all, for a pressure cooker that has sizes as low as $25 and larger ones as high as $120, you can’t go wrong with this pressure cooker. Since you get the most bang for your buck, you won’t mind buying another one when the first finally wears out after years of use.

After much review, this Prestige pressure cooker proves as a great choice when it comes to adding a cooker to your kitchen tools. Also, please check out our comparison of pressure cookers.

Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker and Canner Review

Pressure Cooker Rating: ★★★★☆ 

National Presto was founded in 1905 in Wisconsin and makes electric houseware and cookware items. Throughout the company’s history, they have worked to stay ahead of the trends in cooking and convenience while upholding the highest safety standards for their products.

Each of their electric cookware products and stove top products, such as the Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker and Canner, is made using only FDA approved materials and processes. National Presto is known for their top rated pressure cookers, electric appliances and specialty cookware items such as the popular SaladShooter® and Pizzazz® Pizza Maker.

Presto Pressure Cooker and Canner Review

The Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker and Canner is a 23-quart pressure cooker designed for canning that has an MSRP listing of $109.99, but currently selling for about $75 on It also has an amazing 4.7 out of 5-star rating from nearly 1,000 reviews.

While it can be used for pressure cooking large meals or portions, the heavy duty aluminum warp resistant aluminum design and dual pressure gauges clearly set this pressure cooker apart for canning purposes.

Each Presto 01781 model does come with an included booklet of recipes, but the recipes would have to be made to serve 12-14 people to make adequate use of this pressure cooker. For canning purposes, you can fit up to 19 pint jars inside with ease.

The Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker and Canner stands to be one of the best low mid-range price pressure cookers and canners for the more serious cook. Based on our review of this Presto pressure cooker, it has its good points and bad points that you should consider before purchasing.

The Features

The Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker and Canner 23 quart unit measures 15.4 by 15.1 by 14.8 and has an empty weight of 10 pounds. It is designed for use on a cook top or stove top. The dual pressure gauges are top mounted and have separate vent pipes to release steam that are located away from the side handles.

The side handles and the top lid handle are made from a stay cool material that is heat resistant and ergonomically designed to allow for better handling. Each pressure cooker comes with a raised trivet shelf to keep canning jars off the bottom and the entire unit is made from double aluminum that is warp resistant. The Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker and Canner also features a sure tight lid lock seal that can withstand the high pressure of cooking and canning with ease.

What’s to Love about the Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker and Canner?

When you consider that the next step up in a canner of this capacity is going to put you in a price range that is over $300, there is a lot to love in this Presto pressure cooker and canner.

An added benefit is that is big enough to handle more serious canning. The dual pressure gauges allow for a precision monitoring of the process that is invaluable when you have to make alterations to a recipe or timing due to altitude or other influencing factors.

The warp resistant aluminum has a solid feel to it without the excess weight of stainless steel and the finish on the aluminum helps the Presto 01781 pressure cooker and canner to resist scratching too. This is important in a pressure cooker that is designed for canning because should the jars be able to mar the interior finish easily, rust can take over the whole pot in no time.

Another bonus to this top rated pressure cooker and canner is the emphasis on providing handles that are made from material that stays cool and is easy to grip. These handles are riveted, not screwed, into the body and lid of the cooker so they will not work loose easily. Cleaning the Presto 01781 is also made easier by the finish. By using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner you can keep the cooker looking shiny and new.

What’s Not So Great?

There is a problem with the Presto 01781 pressure cooker and canner that has little to do with how it functions and everything to do with the possibilities that can go wrong.

This is a sizeable 23-quart pressure cooker that is made for canning. The fact that you can buy this cooker and canner for under $100 is incredible as most of the cookers that are designed for this purpose will cost several hundred dollars. It has the right gauges and vent pipes to do the job, but it is missing one thing.

The Presto 01781 pressure cooker and canner has a locking system that can easily be considered inadequate. If you look at the pressure cookers designed for canning in next price tier, you will notice that they invariably feature a screw-clamp lid lock at several points around the radius of the pot. This Presto model depends on the two locks on the very small handle.

Another complaint involves the “precision dual gauge.” There is only one gauge on the cooker, although it does give a dual scale reading. Another thing that you should consider is that you cannot use this cooker and canner on a glass or ceramic stove top or cook top.

Fully loaded, the pressure cooker would crack the cooking surface. This is not a fact about the pressure cooker that is made widely known in the marketing material, although there is a slip of paper in the box telling you about after you have made your purchase.

Presto Pressure Cooker and Canner Review – The Rating

Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker and Canner ReviewIf you are serious about canning, the Presto 01781 pressure cooker and canner may not be the unit for you to buy. On the other hand, if you’re just starting out and want to try canning, this is the best pressure cooker for you.

This is a well-made and durable product and great for beginners. It is a large, 23-quart pressure cooker that would be suitable for meals. Just remember that it cannot be used on a glass or ceramic stove top because of the weight, you may want to look around more if you’re considering doing some serious canning.

For many other purposes, this is a wonderful deal. Overall, the Presto 01781 pressure cooker and canner get a 4 out 5 star rating as a great beginner canner and for its large size.

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Mirro 92122A Pressure Cooker Review

Pressure Cooker Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Mirro pressure cooker brand started as the Wear-Ever company back in 1903. Wear-Ever rode the tide of manufacturing led by Ford by creating a line of cookware and kitchen products using the new aluminum and steel manufacturing processes, leaving the old cast iron skillet behind. American households became quickly loyal to Wear-Ever and it became a staple in every kitchen.

With the modern Mirro Company, their emphasis on using innovation, technology and new materials in the kitchen remains, as does their goal of providing durable and affordable cookware.

Mirro 92122A Pressure Cooker Review

The Mirro 92122A polished aluminum pressure cooker and canner is dishwasher-safe and is 22-quarts in size. It is a top rated and highly-reviewed pressure cooker, and is one of Mirro’s flagship products.

This item combines their popular pressure cooker technology with their pressure canning systems to make one appliance for both uses in the kitchen. Not only does this increase the convenience of use for the item, but it is a great space saving innovation.

Mirro keeps the weight of this 22-quart cooker down by using aluminum as the primary construction material, which has given rise to some mixed reviews about the worth of the cooker. With a MSRP of $99 and currently about as low as $68 on, the Mirro 92122A is within a range of other brand cookers that can give it a run for its money, but it has some distinct advantages over them as well. Users who reviewed the Mirro pressure cooker on love it and gave it a 4 out of 5-star rating.

The Features

The Mirro 92122A Pressure Cooker and Canner is made from a heavy gauge, rustproof aluminum with rounded edges and sure-fit sealing gasket technology. The 22-quart pressure cooker and canner is designed to hold 16-pint or 5-quart canning jars.

The pressure control system allows for 3 levels of operation – low, medium and high pressure (5, 10 and 15 PSI). The pressure system includes an overpressure plug that is reusable, a sure-lock lid system, and a side mounted gasket pressure release.

Included in the packaging is an aluminum cooking rack with trivet style feet, user guide, and starter recipes. This dual pressure cooker and canner meets or exceeds all of the NAES requirements for electrical safety. The Mirro 92122A measures 17 x 14 x 17 inches and has an empty weight of 13.6 pounds with the lid attached.

What’s to Love About the Mirro 92122A Polished Aluminum Dishwasher Safe 22-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner?

The first thing that many reviewers appreciate about the Mirro 92122A is the size. While they sell a variety of quart size pressure cookers and canners, it is the 22-quart size that is most convenient for families.

You can cook an entire meal in this pressure cooker and also do some serious canning. Canners love that Mirro chose to use a silicone gasket seal, rather than a rubber gasket, as the silicone can withstand pressure and heat better, making it last longer.

Fully loaded, the cooker is surprisingly light for its size and you don’t have to spend two weeks in the gym prior to canning in order to be able to move the cooker/canner around the kitchen.

People are also deeply appreciative of the way the pressure indicator is designed. It’s a bonus to have three settings, since most pressure cookers and canners only have two; but the other advantage is that the Mirro 92122A pressure cooker doesn’t use a gauge style indicator, but uses weights. This makes it more reliable and you don’t have to worry about pressure testing the gauge.

Another bonus to the new design of this cooker is that the side pressure vent is placed away from the handle, making it safer in the kitchen.

What’s Not That Great?

There is a big problem with this cooker and canner but it would be unfair to rate it less than 4 stars because the problem isn’t with the product, it’s with the packaging. There is no inclusion of one very important piece of information about the Mirro 92122A pressure cooker except inside the packaging on a slip of paper added as an afterthought.

This cooker and canner is not cook top safe and is not meant to be used on them. It can be used on traditional stove tops, but if you have a cooktop stove, do not buy this product.

Another complaint about the Mirror 92122A is the choice of aluminum over stainless steel. While you save in weight with the aluminum, it doesn’t heat as evenly and the smallest scratch in the finish unfortunately allows rust to build.

The size of the pot, while a bonus for cooking and canning, can make it hard to store and undoes whatever space saving advantages there were for making a combination pressure cooker and canner.

Many people also report that the stock jiggler is defective, although this is not a 100% occurrence. It can be easily fixed by ordering a replacement jiggler, which no one has reported having any issue.

Mirro Pressure Cooker Review – Should You Buy It?

mirro pressure cooker reviewsIf you do canning, then the Mirro 92122A Polished Aluminum Dishwasher Safe 22-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner is one of the best pressure cooker that you want to add to your kitchen. It is priced right, sized right and can do the job for you.

It is not going to be a pressure cooker that you pass down to your children because it will have a limited lifespan due to the aluminum construction. It is also very good for those with larger families or who prefer to use a pressure cooker to make an entire one pot meal.

The fact that you can’t use this pressure cooker and canner on a cook top, plus the fact that Mirro hasn’t been very forthcoming about that information in the marketing is its biggest drawback.

Most contemporary kitchens now use cook tops rather than stove tops and you could wind up buying something unsafe to use without having any advanced notice. If you have a stove top, then there is no issue at all and this would be a good investment for use in the kitchen.

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All American Pressure Cooker Review

Pressure Cooker Rating: ★★★★¾ 

All American is a pressure cooker brand managed by Red Mill General Store of Wisconsin. Their products are made with the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry from the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure you have restaurant grade cookware. These products are 100% American made and include a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Red Mill General Store also carries supplies for use with their line of pressure cookers and canners. The All American 921 21.5-Quart Pressure Cooker and Canner is one of their most popular products on boasting over 1,100 reviews with an average of a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. No other pressure cooker reviews even come close to these figures!

All American 921 Pressure Cooker Review

The All American 921 is the best pressure cooker and canner for the serious food preserver. While this product can be used as a pressure cooker for the preparation of meals, its stated purpose is to provide a pressure cooker for canning. There are many features on this pressure cooker that make it ideal for canning, but that also serve to make it one of the better pressure cookers for meal preparation too.

This pressure cooker/canner is in the mid to high range in price for pressure cookers with a MSRP of $362, but currently ranges from $170 to $380 depending on sales and quart size. There are many things that make this pressure cooker and canner an ideal tool for your kitchen. A look at the features will begin to reveal why this pressure cooker is growing in popularity despite its slightly higher price tag.

The Features

The All American 921 pressure cooker/canner is large. This 21.5-quart cooker stands 15-3/8 inches high and has an inside diameter of 12-1/4 inches. It is made from a solid cast satin finished aluminum and weighs in at 20 pounds with the lid.

The satin finish is a choice by the manufacturer to increase the appeal of the pressure cooker and has been hugely successful. The satin finish also helps to prevent the typical marring that occurs on a polished finish aluminum surface.

The inner workings of this top rated pressure cooker and canner feature geared steam gauge and three different pressure settings of 5, 10 and 15 PSI. The pressure release valve is automatic and there is an additional pressure release plug valve built in.

The seals are metal to metal, so there is no extra gasket to deal with. The top handle is of Bakelite, which is uncommon in cookware these days, but it ensures cool handling. This cooker and canner also has double rolled edges to help prevent uneven wear on stress points.

The cooker includes a user manual, 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, and a recipe book to help get you started.

What’s To Love About the All American 921 21.5-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner?

This pressure cooker/canner is an entry level pressure cooker and canner for the professional. All of the features it offers are right on the money for those who seriously and casually cook.

The cooker can handle enough sizeable canning jars to make a difference in your seasonal storage preparation. The quality of the construction, especially the screw style clamp seal assures you that the pressure will be safely handled. In addition, the gear gauge gives you a level of monitoring control that is reliable.

One of the best attributes of the All American 921 pressure cooker and canner is the metal on metal seal. By not having to worry about a rubber or silicone gasket, you won’t ever be surprised by a sudden loss of pressure that can result in a lost batch. The rolled edge, double layer construction, and satin finish not only make this pressure cooker and canner a strong piece of cookware that will stand up to years of use, but it will look good while doing so.

What’s Not That Great?

The All American 921 pressure cooker and canner is not for the amateur user; this is the kind of pressure cooker that many people remember from the movies when Audrey Hepburn exploded chicken all over the ceiling.

Even if you are cooking for a large family or party, this pressure cooker may be too much to handle. It is designed for canning, not meal preparation. While it has all of the restaurant grade requirements for construction, sealing and a geared gauge, it lacks the kind of intuitive use that is needed for the casual chef.

It is large, too large for any other purpose than a day’s worth of canning. Fully loaded, it may be beyond some people’s strength to shift easily for cleaning and drainage.

The biggest drawback of this kitchen appliance is that it cannot be used on a glass or ceramic stove top or cook top. When loaded with liquid, canning jars, and ingredients, the entire unit may be too heavy for a glass or ceramic stove top.

Again, the major drawback of the All American 921 is that it is too good at what it is designed to do. This is not a versatile addition to a kitchen; this is a professional tool for the serious food preserver.

All American Pressure Cooker Review – Should You Buy It?

All American Pressure Cooker ReviewIf you can goods every season, yes, the All American 921 pressure cooker and canner rates a near 5 stars out of a possible 5 rating. It is a high quality, entry-level professional grade kitchen tool and you will not be disappointed.

If you are a casual or hobby canner, want to use a pressure cooker to help prepare meals or have a contemporary glass or ceramic cook top, there may be more affordable and practical canners and cookers to choose from. If canning is not your main use for the All American 921 21.5-Quart Pressure Cooker Canner, then it scores 4 out of 5 for being just too large and specialized for the common kitchen.

This product is a specialized piece of equipment that is meant for a specialized use; if this is your kitchen needs, it should be at the top of your list for purchase. If you need something more versatile, keep looking at other options.

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