Nesco PC6-25P Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Nesco PC6-25P 6-Quart Programmable Stainless Steel Electric Pressure Cooker Review

The Nesco company began in the early 1930’s and has been growing and evolving ever since. They manage the Nesco, Nesco Professional, Open Country Camp Cookware, and American Harvest brand names of cookware and appliances.

A part of the Metal Ware Corporation which also includes Mirro, Nesco makes some of the finest affordable cookware in America and Canada. Their line of programmable electric pressure cookers is quickly setting the standard in the market for a mid-price, stand alone pressure cooker for the modern life style.

Nesco Electric Pressure Cooker Review

The Nesco PC6-25P 6-Quart Programmable Stainless Steel Electric Pressure Cooker has a MSRP set at $119 USD; however, it can be found on Amazon for as low as $74. This places it in the low- to mid-price range of electric pressure cookers.

There are several reasons why this Nesco pressure cooker stands out from the competition. Unusual in this price range of cookers is the fact that this one is made of stainless steel. Add to this a programmable digital controller that not only has pre-set programs but allows for up to an 8 hour delayed start and you start to see why this pressure cooker is different from the rest.

At 6 quarts, the Nesco PC6-25P 6-Quart Programmable Stainless Steel Electric Pressure Cooker measures 12.6 by 12.6 by 18.2 which allows it to fit easily on your countertop and its empty weight is just over 13 pounds.

The Features

The Nesco PC6-25P electric pressure cooker features a microprocessor control system with an LED display and soft touch buttons. It is programmable, but also comes with pre-sets and has a delayed start feature that allows for up to an 8 hour deferral of cooking time.

The self-locking lid features an automatic or manual pressure release option and the cooker has a 3 in 1 feature that allows for it to be used as a pressure cooker, warmer or steamer. Both the lid and the handles are made out of material that stays cool to the touch, even when it is operating at high pressure.

The interior cooking basket is removable, dishwasher safe and has a non-stick cooking surface that makes it easy to keep clean and prevent food from burning and sticking to the bottom.

The slow cook feature can be set for up to 9.5 hours. This top rated pressure cooker features a brushed stainless steel finish, with each package including a user manual, suggested recipes, manufacturer’s limited warranty, cooking rack, and trivet.

What’s To Love About The Nesco PC6-25P 6-Quart Programmable Stainless Steel Electric Pressure Cooker?

There is much to love about this pressure cooker. For starters, it has a programmable controller that includes pre-sets that are easy to use. This already sets it apart from other electric pressure cookers that come with pre-sets but don’t allow for custom programming. With the delayed start option and a slow cook speed that can reach nine and a half hours, this pressure cooker is ideal for making dinner during the day so it’ll be ready for you after work.

The pressure relief system can be set to manual or automatic so if you choose to cook while you are not in the kitchen, it will monitor itself and release the steam when it’s ready (a great safety feature).

The exterior of the Nesco PC6-25P stays cool to the touch when in use, making it ideal to use on the counter top without worrying about getting burned. As it is a standalone appliance, it also frees up your cook top for preparation of the rest of the meal (another huge brownie point in its favor).

The use of stainless steel for the majority of its construction is another aspect you’ll love about this Nesco product. Stainless steel is more durable and spreads heat more evenly then the aluminum that is more commonly used in the construction of pressure cookers.

What’s Not That Great?

For a product that touts that it uses stainless steel to promote even heating, the inner cooking pot, made from aluminum, has been criticized as not being made very well. Some users have reported that the non-stick coating peeled off by one year of use.

However, users of this cooker should bear in mind that you should only use cooking tools that are plastic or designed for non-stick surfaces with the inner cooking pot as it is not made of stainless steel. The difference in metals also throws the cooking time off a bit. The majority of owners have reported no major problems with the inner cooking pot or the coating, but it does bear to mention.

The main complaint about this pressure cooker concerns its programmable control system. The programmable option is really little more than a timer, so you won’t be able to save settings. This still puts it ahead of other cookers in the same price range that don’t even offer a timer option.

Nesco Electric Pressure Cooker Review – Should You Buy It?

nesco pressure cooker review
The Nesco PC6-25P stands as one of the best countertop standalone pressure cookers in this price range. It scores a high 4 out of 5 stars from over 250 users.

The reason for not receiving a full 5 stars is mainly due to the reported issues with the non-stick surface of the inner cooking pot. However, the company may have already corrected this problem in later manufacturing runs. The lack of a true programmable system, while disappointing, is also realistic for this price range of electric pressure cooker.

All in all, this pressure cooker is an overall solid choice for your kitchen needs. The delay start and automatic pressure release option make it ideal for a busy lifestyle, since you won’t have to be constantly in the kitchen while using it. It is a good choice for 1-2 person homes and small families and is ideal for anyone making a side dish for any size meal.

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